The Painterly Veil: Undercurrents in Contemporary Expressionism

In the age of digital proliferation of images and information, personal philosophies and aesthetics have become more unique to individuals. With countless sources from which to draw one's sensibilities and tastes, the process of finding these complex personal truths has become an increasingly difficult endeavour.

The Painterly Veil, curated by Izaak Sacrebleu, showcases the work of representational and figurative painters, Laura Dawe, Devin O’Brien, Cameron Wylie, and Nicolas Zirk. The breadth of this exhibition concerns contemporary expressionist painting that conveys an array of imageries inside single canvases.

On a surface level, these paintings can be viewed as absurd juxtapositions of objects, figures, and ideas. Shallow depth of field, muddy palettes, and seemingly apathetic brushstrokes act as a veil between the artist and viewer. What is obscured by brushstrokes is the vulnerability the artist puts forth by painting motifs that reflect their interiority. Conveyed in these varied subject matters is the frustration with the perpetual search for meaning that has only been made more difficult by the influx of choice.

The exhibition runs between February 6th and February 28th and is viewable during the brewery's regular hours: 11-6 Monday-Saturday, 11-5 Sundays. Steamwhistle Brewery, 255 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, Canada.

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